Race Reports by Carl Smith, JHAC Senior Men’s Captain

Dalton Park 10k – Sunday 23 August

Three men ran the Dalton Park 10km: Andrew Laidler, Darren Parks and Garry Reay. This was the first race for all of the lads since everything has been cancelled due to this nasty virus. The start was staggered 5 mins apart in groups of 6. The weather was spot on for racing and it was a wind free dry and warm day, if only the same could said about the new route, which wasn’t the easiest of 10kms and definitely not a PB course. Andrew was first of the Jarra lads to be sent away and was the first home also in a impressive time of 35:45. Garry and Darren also had fantastic races with Garry winning his age category in a fantastic time of 38:34 and Darren running 39:39 which is also a remarkable time. Well done lads! It just goes to show that our coaches hard work and dedication and all the sweat you have been putting in is starting to pay off.

Derwent Reservoir Trail 5k and 10k – Sunday 6 September

Nine Jarrow runners traveled to Derwent for this Wild Deer event on what can only be described as a horrendous day, but a lot better the the 10 mile race held earlier in the year. The first race was the family 2.5km, which set off 9am, shortly followed by the first wave of the 5km in which we had Garry Reay, Andrew Thornton, Paul Emmerson and myself (Carl Smith) taking part. Our wave set away first at 09:10 then each wave every 3 minutes after. There were 2 Morpeth lads in the first wave of 6 and we knew it was going to be a little bit of a test. Me and Garry had already spoke and had an idea of a race plan but that seemed to go out of the window within the first mile. Everyone seemed to have the same idea to go out hard, hanging on to the lead Morpeth lad’s heels. I decided to go with him and before the first mile it seemed to pay off and I passed him and just hung on for dear life and put a bit of air between us. The first time I actually looked over my shoulder was the last 300m from the finish line and I was more relieved to know the end was near. Garry was hot on the Morpeth lad’s heels. It was the first time I have finished first in anything, so I was extremely happy and to my delight also seeing my training partner Garry finishing third (1st in his age category) added to the celebrations.

The 10km was also a really well organised event and was set away in waves. We had new member Rachel Breheny running, as well as Paddy Mcshane, Darren Parks, Brian Hurst and Richard Scott. We didn’t see the start as we were at the other end of the course, but at the half way point we got to see every one run and everyone looked really strong, Darren was somehow last to be set away by nearly a hour but gave a huge performance on the day. The final results for the 10km were also extremely good, with Rachael being first lady home and Darren and Paddy finishing second and third in their age categories. The day was a great success and the team ran amazing, so a huge well done to each and every one of you.

5km results

1st Carl Smith 19:04

3rd Garry Reay 19:25 (1st age cat)

5th Paul Emmerson (1st age cat)

7th Andrew Thornton

10km results

7th Darren Parks 39:21 (2nd age cat)

11th Paddy Mcshane 40:53 (3rd age cat)

13th Rachael Breheny 41:39 ( 1st female and 1st age cat)

15th Brian Hurst 42:47

40th Richard Scott 47:45

Race photos

Pitstop 5k / 10k at Croft Circuit

If you haven’t entered this race yet, we have a high number of entries into Croft 5k on Saturday 28 November. There are around 20 JHAC athletes entered as of the beginning of September, so don’t leave it late! There are outline plans for a Club social event after the race, following the cancellation of the Club annual awards evening – more info to follow soon.


Race Reports – Dalton Park 10k and Derwent Reservoir 10k, 5k