Jarrow and Hebburn Athletic Club Ltd. Annual General Meeting

The 2022 Jarrow and Hebburn Annual General Meeting took place in person on Saturday 19 March at 6pm at Elmfield Social Club in Hebburn.

This was also our company AGM and included the appointment of director(s) and presentation of company accounts, in accordance with our articles of association.

The draft minutes of the 2022 AGM are available below. The minutes will be reviewed at the 2023 AGM and need to be approved as a correct record.

JHAC AGM Draft Minutes 19 03 2022

Club accounts and our full filing history are available to view on the Companies House website. Please click here to view.

Our Constitution requires an AGM to take place within 15 months of the previous one. A quorum at the AGM  should be 20 club members aged 18 or over. 

Details of the 2023 JHAC AGM will be shared on this page in due course.


Companies Act 2006 – The Right to Nominate a Proxy

Please note: Under the Companies Act 2006, section 324 (1) a member of Jarrow and Hebburn Athletic Club Ltd. is entitled to appoint another person as his or her proxy to exercise all or any of his or her rights to attend and to speak and vote at a meeting of the company, including the AGM.

To nominate a proxy, please email the Club Secretary at secretary@jhac.org.uk

a) stating the name and address of the member appointing the proxy

b) stating the name of the member’s proxy.

Please note : It is one member, one vote. Only members aged 18 and over can vote, but parents can vote on behalf of a junior member aged under 18.

Minutes from previous AGMs

JHAC AGM Draft Minutes 19 03 2022


JHAC AGM Minutes 07 09 20

JHAC AGM Minutes 07 05 19

JHAC AGM Minutes 08 05 18

JHAC AGM Minutes 24 04 17