Jarrow and Hebburn Athletic Club Ltd. Annual General Meeting

Monday 7 September 2020, 6.30pm

Virtual meeting via Microsoft Teams link

The Jarrow and Hebburn Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday 7 September 2020 at 6.30pm. The event is open to all current and honorary members, as well as parents and carers of junior members. Formalities will close by 8pm. This is also our company AGM so the agenda includes the appointment of director(s) and presentation of company accounts, in accordance with our articles of association. The meeting Agenda is available here and the minutes from the previous AGM on 7 May 2019 are here.

There are currently two vacant positions on the Committee for 2020-21. We have one expression of interest and we are looking for another person who can support with marketing, digital and social media. Committee members should be able to commit to one meeting per month (usually held on the first Monday evening) and dedicate some additional time to the Club. If anyone is interested and feels they have the skills, positivity and enthusiasm to help take the Club forward, please email: chair@jhac.org.uk

We also hope to select new male and female senior captains at the AGM. Captains are not Committee positions and it is not obligatory to attend meetings, but captains are welcome to do so and will be included in Committee correspondence. The role of captain involves sharing information on upcoming races, drumming up enthusiasm, entering and coordinating teams, and otherwise being a positive role model for other members. Ideally, captains will attend a significant proportion of key races each season

Companies Act 2006 – The Right to Nominate a Proxy

Please note: Under the Companies Act 2006, section 324 (1) a member of Jarrow and Hebburn Athletic Club Ltd. is entitled to appoint another person as his or her proxy to exercise all or any of his or her rights to attend and to speak and vote at a meeting of the company.

To nominate a proxy, please email the Club Secretary at secretary@jhac.org.uk

  1. a) stating thename and address of the member appointing the proxy
  2. b) stating the name of the member’s proxy.

Please note : It is one member, one vote. Only members over 16 can vote. Parents can vote on behalf of a junior member under 16,  however they do not have a vote for themselves, unless they are also a member in their own right.



Minutes from AGM 2019