Senior Running Sessions

The main senior training nights are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and meet by the Club House at Monkton Stadium, but some coaching groups meet on different days and times. Groups tend to alternate track-based training on one evening, with hills or intervals on the other. We have several groups to accommodate different paces and abilities. If you have run a parkrun or 5k before, your best time will provide a rough indication of which group would suit you most, but you can move up or down groups as you progress. If you do not know your 5k personal best time, then we recommend that you start in the beginners group. The senior groups are all listed below, showing the coach, session day/time and the typical 5km times of athletes within those groups.

Senior training groups:

Ken Kidger – Beginners and improvers (Monday and Thursday, 6-7pm)

Alan and Marsha Jobling – 22mins-30mins (Tuesday and Thursday 6-7pm)

Michael McNally – up to 22 minutes (Tuesday 7-8 pm and Thursday 6-7pm)